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Brian Nerrie, Ph.D


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Associate Professor/Extension Specialist

Aquaculture Development

Phone: 804.524.5903

Fax: 804.524.5714 (Virginia State University)



1988-present Virginia State University (VSU), Extension Specialist, Aquaculture/Assistant Professor

2000- Present: Split Appointment (75% Extension/25% Academic); Responsible to Dean and Director, VSU Cooperative Extension, School of Agriculture; Identified Aquacultural Extension Program Needs; Developed Monthly Educational Program with On-Route Objectives to Meet Annual Extension Program Goals for Aquaculture; Trainer, Aquatic Weed Management, Recertification Program; SBIR Grant Review Panel; VDOE Aquaculture Curriculum Review Committee

Instructor, Graduate and Undergraduate Level Aquaculture Courses; Developed Specific Aquaculture Course Curriculums: Introduction to Aquaculture, Pond Management, Aquaculture Systems Design, Aquatic Weed Control, Fish Breeding and Genetics, Salmonids, Hatchery Management, Fish Processing Technology, Fish Nutrition; Limnology; Internship; Supervisor, Master Thesis Studies; Student Mentor Chair, Data Collection Subcommittee, Faculty Committee; Graduate Research Committee; Member, National Catfish Database Committee; Academic Advisor, Aquatic Science Program (10 students) 1993-present; Building Manager, 1994-2001; Appointed Interim Project Leader (1992-93); Coordinated Private Sector Aquaculture Infrastructure and Market Development; Member, Virginia Aquaculture Advisory Board Technical Committee, 1995-present; Faculty Council, 1998-2000, Vice-Chair, 1999-2000; Faculty Senate, 2002 – 2006, Assistant Secretary, 2006; Faculty Senate Vice-Chair 2007-2008

1997-1999: Appointed, Principal Investigator, Shrimp Polyculture Study

1992 - Present: Served as Member USDA Aquaculture Information and Technology Transfer Task Force (AITT); Member of AITT Committees; Electronic Information Systems, Information-Sharing and Referrals, Resource Guide to Aquaculture

1990-1994 Appointed to Virginia Agriculture Council; Responsibility: Aquatic Environment Projects

1987-1988 Auburn University, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Editor, "ICA COMMUNICAE", International Newsletter, Circulation 1400; Training Coordinator - Organized and Scheduled Short-Term Training for Peace Corps Fisheries Volunteers, 55 Trainees; Short-term International Aquaculture Development Program Evaluations: Jamaica, Rwanda

1984-1987 Auburn University, Graduate Research Assistant: Asst. Director, 16-Week Aquaculture Training Program, March-July 1980, 1985, 1986 and 1987; 10-20 International Participants per year; Conducted In-depth Survey of Catfish Farmer Production Practices over Three-Year Period

1981-1983 USAID/JAMAICA: Extension Advisor to Aquaculture Development Project; Research Associate: USAID/Govt. of Jamaica Fisheries Development Project, Extension Advisor; Institutionalized Extension Program; Sustained Productive Relationship with Counterparts; Established Manageable Project Area; Devised Goal-Oriented Strategy for Private Sector Semi-Intensive Monosex Tilapia (Tilapia nilotica) Farming Acceptance and Growth (italics for all scientific names here and below)

1977-1980 Auburn University: Graduate Research Assistant: Conducted Pond and Aquarium Growth Research on All-Male Population of Tilapia nilotica with Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) as Predator: Compared Yields and Economic Feasibility of Pelleted Manures Versus Commercial Ration; Monitored Water Quality; Conducted Bi-Weekly Growth Sampling; Completed Stomach Analysis and Taste Tests; Analyzed and Reported Results

1973-1976 U.S. Peace Corps/Philippines: Fisheries Volunteer. Republic of the Philippines (RP); U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer; Director, 15-Week Peace Corps/Philippines Fisheries Orientation and Development Program (ODP), Fresh and Brackish Water Fish-Pond Production and Artisanal Fisheries Improvement (27 Trainees); Tech. Supervisor, Fingerling Production and Extension, 15-Week Training (18 Trainees); Research Coordinator, BFAR/National Pollution Control Commission: Conducted Bi-Weekly Water Quality and Fish Growth Sampling; Extension Agent (Mindinao): Milkfish (Chanos chanos) and Prawn (Penaeus monodon) Culture; Developed Positive Community Relationship; Completed Regional Farmer and Pond Survey



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Southern Regional Aquaculture Center, Technical Committee 2001-2003

2002 National Aquaculture Extension Meeting Planning Committee, SRAC Rep

Catfish Ag Database Steering Committee

USDA Aquaculture Information and Technology Transfer Task Force (AITT)

1890 Land-grant Aquaculture Regional Research Working Group, Co-chair

Virginia Aquaculture Association, Board of Directors, 2014-present

Virginia Fish Farmers Association, Board of Directors, 2000-2002

Virginia Academy of Science, 1997-2014

Sigma Xi, Honorary Scientific Research Society

Gamma Sigma Delta, Honor Society of Agriculture

Striped Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass Producers' Association, 1988-2004; Editor, SBHSBPA Newsletter, 1990

World Aquaculture Society, 1988-present; Publication review panel

American Fisheries Society (AFS). 1979-87, 1989-95; Striped Bass Comm., 1989-present; Membership Comm. (Southern Div. Rep.), 1985-86; Fish Culture Sec. Membership Comm.,1981; Fisheries Economics Sec., 1983-85; Introduced Fish Sec., 1983-85; Bioengineering Sec., 1993-95; Continuing Education Comm.,1994 - 95

Virginia Fish Farmers Association/Virginia Aquaculture Association, 1988-present; Exec. Board, 1998-2002; 2014-present

Alabama Fisheries Society (AFA) 1983-88: Chairperson, Membership and Communication Comm.(MCC), 1984; MCC,1985; Program Comm., 1984; Steering Comm., 1984-88; Originator, Editor and Publisher, AFA Newsletter, 1984-85; Chairperson, Inland Waters Session, AFA Annual Meeting, 1985; Audio-Visual Coordinator, AFA Annual Meeting, 1984

Southern Division AFS, 1979-87; Chair, Membership Comm., 1985-86; Executive Comm., 1985-86

Auburn University Student Chapter AFS, 1979-88; President, 1984-85, Established Permanent Student Research Fund from Private Donations; Member, Student-Faculty Committees

Dutchess County (N.Y.) Environmental Association, 1971-72; Member, Ad Hoc Organization Committee, 1971



Colonial Heights Wetland Committee

Treasurer, Sherwood Hills Homeowners Association

Chair, Administrative Council, Wesley Methodist Church, Colonial Heights, 2017

President, Colonial Heights Kiwanis Club, 2016

Lt. Gov. Elect, Capitol District, Kiwanis Club 2017