Enabling people to improve their lives through an educational process that uses scientific knowledge focused on aquaculture issues and aquatic resource needs.

Aquaculture Development

Educating small, limited resource farmers to raise aquaculture products (channel catfish, tilapia, rainbow trout, hybrid striped bass and freshwater shrimp) in ponds, cages and greenhouses to diversify their operations to earn supplemental income.

Contact: Brian L. Nerrie, Extension Specialist

Fish Health

Providing preventive measures, diagnosing farmers’ fish disease problems, and teaching them to recognize and manage outbreaks to minimize losses and increase profits.

Contact: David W. Crosby, Extension Specialist

Youth Aquaculture

Exposing rural and urban students to career opportunities, and increasing minority participation in the agricultural sciences whereby students gain practical experience, develop entrepreneurial skills and expand their environmental awareness.

Contact: (Open)

Aquaculture Technician

Assisting with extension pond demonstrations and educational programs.

Contact: Louis Landesman, Aquaculture Technician

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Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Aquaculture program is part of the USDA funded Southern Regional Aquaculture Center. To download their fact sheets and view other material specifically for the USDA Southern Region, visit their website at http://srac.msstate.edu/.


Dr. Brian Nerrie

Aquaculture Development

Assistant Professor, Aquaculture Extension Specialist

Phone: 804-524-5903
Fax: 804-524-5245
Email: bnerrie@vsu.edu


Aquaculture- Fish Health

Extension Specialist, Fish Health

Phone: 804-524-5620
Email: dcrosby@vsu.edu


Aquaculture Technician

Aquaculture Agent, Southside Aquaculture Development

Phone: 804-524-6962
Email: llandesman@vsu.edu