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Small Woodlot Management

Production sale and sale of timber is the most obvious economic benefit that forests can provide to landowners; however, small and limited-resource landowners are left at a disadvantage.

Most small landowners will only sell timber once or a relatively few times in their lifetime. Furthermore, economies of scale make logging for standard products on small tracts uneconomical. With this in mind, it is important to provide resources to help landowners sustainably manage and utilize these resources, and to produce higher-value timber products that create profits at small scales.


The Woods in Your Backyard

Dealing with Timber Theft” (Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication)

Farm Tractor Logging for Woodlot Owners” (Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication)

Forest Landowner’s Guide to the Measurement of Timber and Logs” (Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication)

Sustainable Forestry: A Guide for Virginia Forest Landowners” (Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication)

Virginia Forest Landowner Education Program

Virginia Cooperative Extension (find your local office)

Virginia Department of Forestry (find your local office)