Sustainable & Urban Agriculture

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VSU's Sustainable and Urban Agriculture Program provides a comprehensive educational program for Virginians to adopt sustainable and urban agriculture practices.

The program holistically addresses production, harvesting, marketing and the distribution of vegetables and small fruits within the conceptual framework of sustainability and within an urban or suburban environment.

The program provides educational programming in community and institutional gardening, urban farming, container gardening, and backyard gardening and livestock rearing. Participants receive training on high tunnel (hoophouse) production, low tunnel production, container gardening, raised bed and rooftop gardening, indoor gardening, and the use of hydroponics and aquaponics systems.

Outreach efforts include workshops, field days, on-farm demonstrations and hands-on training. The long-term outcome of the program is to increase the adoption of sustainable urban agriculture practices in the Commonwealth of Virginia leading to enhanced environmental, economic, and social sustainability.



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