Urban Ag Field Day

OCTOBER 20, 2016


Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville

405 Avon St, Charlottesville, VA

2:00pm - 4:30pm


REGISTER ONLINE AT: https://goo.gl/forms/G5D8NicLF273kLY93

Download a PDF flier for this event


Topics Include:


Horticulture Principles for Successful Outdoor Gardening

Dr. Leonard Githinji, Urban Agriculture Specialist, VSU/VCE

Transitioning Gardens into Fall and Winter Cover Crops • Compost Use and Application • Small-scale Machinery for Managing Cover Crops and Tillage

Todd Niemeier, Operations Director, Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville

Understanding Differences Between Disturbed Urban and Natural Agricultural Soils • Soil Sampling, Testing and Interpretation • Organic Amendment Strategies for Improving Soil Fertility

Dr. Greg Evanylo, Professor and Extension Specialist, Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, VT/VCE 

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