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Growing Hops in Virginia

August 10, 2016 | 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


4451 River Road • Petersburg, VA


There is plenty of opportunity for small farmers in Virginia to grow and supply hops and other brewing ingredients to a rapidly growing craft beer industry.

However, most of the available information on hop production including fertilizer management, irrigation, pest and disease control, and post-harvest handling does not apply to Virginia conditions.

To address this problem, Virginia State University (VSU) is initiating hops research that includes a variety trial to identify those best suited to Virginia, and an irrigation and fertilizer management study conducted under local conditions.

This workshop will benefit beginning and established hop growers, as well as those interested in growing hops by providing information on:

  • The Direction of Hops Research in Virginia: Dr. Laban Rutto and Laura Siegle will address ongoing research at VSU and Virginia Tech and give an update on hops production in the Commonwealth. Dr. Leonard Githinji will outline plans for processing and sharing hops research information.
  • Potential Uses of Hop By-products: Dr. Vitalis Temu will discuss plans to evaluate the feed value of hops forage in small ruminant diets.
  • The Needs of Craft Brewers: James Frazer will lend a brewer’s perspective to the hops discussion.

The workshop will include indoor presentations and a visit to the VSU hop yard. Presenters include: 

  • Dr. Laban Rutto, Alternative Crops Program,VSU Agricultural Research Station 
  • Laura Siegle, Extension Agent-Amelia County ,Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Dr. Leonard Githinji, VSU  Sustainable and Urban Ag Specialist, Virginia Cooperative Extension 
  • Dr. Vitalis Temu, Forage Ecology and Management Program, VSU Agricultural Research Station 
  • James Frazer, Brewmaster, Trapezium Brewery, Petersburg, VA


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