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Cover Crops Demonstration (Cheriton, VA)

  • Bayview Community Center Cheriton, VA (map)

March 28

Bayview Community Center

Cheriton, VA

9:30am - 12:00pm


Join Small Farm Outreach Program agents for a discussion and demonstration of the use and potential advantages of cover crops for farming.

Vegetable production involves many practices that compromise soil health, and therefore limit productivity. Therefore, vegetable growers want to overcome these barriers to success with practices that maintain soil health. Farmers may use cover crops to achieve management goals that include:

• Suppressing weeds
• Protecting soil from rain or runoff
• Improving soil aggregate stability
• Reducing surface crusting
• Adding active organic matter to soil
• Breaking hardpan
• Fixing nitrogen
• Scavenging soil nitrogen
• Suppressing soil diseases and pests

For more information, contact the Small Farm Outreach Program office at (804) 524-5626 or Small Farm Outreach Program Agent Derrick Cladd ( / 919-235-7020.)