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Smart Farming 2-Day Course

  • Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center 118 E Danville St South Hill, VA (map)

Smart Farming

FEBRUARY 14 & 15, 2019

Lake County Advanced Knowledge Center
118 E. Danville St • South Hill, VA

$25 per person

This two-day course looks at the ways new technologies are being incorporated into machinery, equipment, and sensors for a wide variety of applications in agricultural production systems. Use of these rapidly developing technologies for collecting and analyzing data, advanced communication and artificial intelligence, and access to information via cloud computing are expected to increase productivity on farms as the industry incorporates precision agriculture, smart objects and robotics for crop and livestock production. We will also consider objectives that can be achieved through smart farming technologies and discuss ways that smart farming is applicable and scalable for smaller-sized operations.

Each session below includes a classroom presentation and may also include a demonstration or opportunity for participating in hands-on practice related to the topics.


1PM - 2PM • Registration & Welcome

2PM - 5PM • Internet of Things (IoT)

As physical objects are connected to computer-based systems, the data that they collect, store and analyze can offer intelligent guidance and solutions for farm operations. This session will introduce both familiar and new devices and programs that are being utilized by businesses in a variety of industries, including agriculture.

 Speaker: Xiaoliang Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Technology; Virginia State University


9AM - 12:30PM • Logistics

Computer programs are designed to be the brains for smart farming technologies. Find out more about how logistics programs are designed to improve efficiency and operations, manage supply chains, and support nearly every part of a business to include employee management, customer service, financial management and more.

Speaker: Wei-bang Chen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Computer Science, Virginia State University


2PM - 5PM• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

There is growing use and potential for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones, for farm operations. Drones can provide timely information that gives farmers a way to respond quickly and precisely to many issues, such as water use, fertilizer application and pest control. Information supplied from drone surveys can provide details about your land, including soils and drainage as well as assess the health of your crops or livestock. Drones can also be a safer, easier way to access areas that are difficult to reach.

Speakers: Tim P. Sexton, LPSS-CNMP, Nutrient Management Program Manager, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Soil and Water Conservation Division and a representative from Mechanical Engineering Unmanned Systems Lab, Virginia Tech

Contact Small Farm Outreach Agent Marilyn Estes ( / (804) 481-0485) if you have any questions or call the Small Farm Outreach Program office at (804) 524-3292.

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