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The College of Agriculture Marketing & Communications Department is responsible for the internal and external marketing and communication functions of the college’s Extension and research departments and provides marketing and communications support to the college’s academic departments. 

Key Areas of Focus

1.    Building connections between the college and its constituents

2.    Enhancing the image, reputation and visibility of the college

3.    Raising public awareness, understanding, trust, and appreciation of the College, its people, and programs

4.    Promoting pride, preference, and ownership of the college

5.    Inspiring support (including involvement, advocacy, and financial support)

6.    Internal support to our colleagues

7.    Brand protection

 The department’s primary services include:  

1.    Marketing Planning & Strategy

2.    Editorial Services

3.    Web Services

4.    Media Relations

5.    Photography & Videography

6.    Social Media

7.    Graphic Design

8.    Customer Relationship Management

9.    Internal IT and Audio Visual Support

10. Banners and Displays



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